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Extremely colorful classic restored house in rural city

Newmans REI Group is an established residential real estate re-development company. We specialize in residential 1-4 unit investment properties in all urban and suburban neighborhoods. The company’s vision is to improve the overall quality of living and to increase the value of real estate in its target markets. The company builds value by rehabilitating properties in significant need of repairs as well as taken upon new constructions projects as well. Newmans Real Estate and Investment group is continually growing by increasing the number of projects in its primary areas of business and extending its geographic reach throughout the Southeast.

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We focus first and foremost on protecting our investor’s money and giving them greater control over their investments making them grow at two to five times the current rate, all while being secured by tangible assets. Our investors are the backbone of our company and we know we need confident investors for our business to grow and succeed.


We strive to improve the overall quality of living within Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas because we believe strongly in our community and in the city’s potential for future growth. It is in our company’s best interest to make sure that Atlanta and its surrounding areas continue to develop and thrive.

Management Team

The Company was founded by Cortney Newmans. Cortney has more than 5 years of experience in the real estate industry. He started his career helping build Lima One Capital to a top 5 lender in the United States for real estate investors. Day In and Day out he breaths real estates. Through his expertise, he will be able to bring the operational expertise and analyzation skills necessary  to be sure each deal is profitable for the company.

Thomas Hagan is also a. managing partner. He is in charge of design, marketing and disposition of the properties. With over 10 years in the auto body industry and 7 years in the real estate sales, he brings a lot of expertise to  the table. He has knack for attention to detail which helps separates our products from others out there. .

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